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PRESSURE & VACUUM GAUGES. Bourdon tube,capsule & diaphragm design.
The standard pressure gauge comes in 40, 50, 63, 100, 160 and 250mm dial sizes. All are available in direct mounting bottom entry, with back entry, surface and panel mounting available in many of the sizes.

•Ranges: 1bar vacuum to 1000bar
•Accuracy: Class 2.5 (2.5% fsd) on smaller diameter gauges
•Accuracy: Class 1 (1% fsd) on 100mm diameter gauges and above
•Manufactured to BS-EN 837-1
All gauges sizes 100mm and above can be fitted with various options including diaphragm seals, ancillary pointers, special dials and are manufactured to BS-EN 837-1.
Dry or glycerine filled options. All stainless steel option. Nace MR-01-75 option.Full safety pattern option.

TEMPERATURE GAUGES. Bi-metal Stainless Steel Thermometer
316 or 304 stainless steel case and bayonet bezel with 316 stainless steel stems are manufactured in 63, 100 and 160mm. Available in direct mounting, bottom,back entry or multi/swivel. Stem lengths up to 600mm
Inert gas filled thermometers manufactured in a 304 stainless steel case and bayonet bezel with 321 stainless steel stems. Available in 63, 80, 100, 160 and 250mm. Available in bottom orcentre back entry. Capillary options up to 25 meters.

These thermometers offer many advantages over the bi-metal temperature gauge such as longer stem lengths, more suitable for applications where vibration is present, faster response time and optional extras such as electrical contacts can be fitted.

•Accuracy: Class 1
•Class 0.6 accuracy optional
•Ranges: from -100°C to 800°C

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